The authentic partner of aviation

A specialist of technical watches, Breitling has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph and is a leader in this complication. The firm has shared all the finest moments in the conquest of the skies thanks to its sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments. Today, Breitling is perpetuating these authentic and privileged ties with aviation by cooperating with the world’s elite pilots. Several exceptional teams fly the firm’s colors, including the famous Breitling Jet Team with its spectacular aerobatics. It is associated with the greatest airshows, such as the Red Bull Air Race, in which its own team competes under its colors. By supporting the restoration of legendary aircraft such as the Breitling Super Constellation, one of the two remaining flightworthy “Super Connies” in the world, the brand with the winged B asserts its determination to preserve the aeronautical legacy – the magnificent adventure with which its own history is so intimately entwined.